Friday, February 26, 2010

Mannequins & Their Exposed Breasts

The next two images I am about to show you were submitted by friends, and they depict two beautiful mannequin ladies who have breast fetishes.

This first one was submitted by my friend Sherri, and it appears this sexy mannequin doesn't mind giving passerby's a peep show. Just a peep though.

This next one is another image submitted by my friend Krysti, who is the Half Naked Mannequin watchdog of the west coast :) She found this motherly mannequin ready to nurse her young mannequins. This photo is in no way shape or form considered sexy, at least not by my standards. But, since she is provocatively displaying her breasts, she MUST be included in my blog.

I wonder where her mannequin babies are...

If you spot any half naked mannequins out in the wild, feel free to send them to me at maendy81 (at) - thanks for looking out!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

OMG I Can See That Mannequin's Vagina

I was browsing Pretty Things Boutique and gasped as I saw this vagina showing maiden torso:

Also, a while ago, my friend Krysti alerted me of a strange phenomenon occurring over at her part of the US (San Fran.)

Apparently a very corduroy clad group of mannequins had been appearing in public places. And no one knew why.

I did some research and discovered this corduroy covered bike:
corduroy wrapped bike

Corduroy covering not good.